My motivational prizes

In today's post, I received a letter from Pennsylvania USA, containing my prizes for gaining honourable mention in the Lapped Catholic motivational poster competition. I got two items, described by Tim as follows:
1) A scapular, hand made in Portugal at the convent where Sister Lucia, the last seer of Fatima, lived out her final years. The scapular was made when Sister Lucia was still living in the convent in Coimbra.

2) A St. Teresa of Avila bookmark purchased in Avila, Spain. It has a picture of St. Teresa and her bookmark prayer printed on it and it has an imbedded third class relic.
The Motivational Poster contest was a great success, both with the humorous and inspirational categories. It is very kind of Tim to take the trouble to send out prizes as well as organising the contest.

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