Zapatero attacks Spanish bishops

Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero is to see the Papal Nuncio, Mgr Manuel Monteiro de Castro, to ask him to intervene to stop the Spanish Bishops "campaigning" as he sees it, in the forthcoming elections, according to an article in today's Times. (Vatican told to stop bishops ‘meddling’ in Spain’s election)

In a paper setting out "moral guidance", the Bishops have criticised various policies of the present Government, including the legalisation of gay marriage, the liberalisation of divorce and the introduction of citizenship classes in schools. The Times article summarises the Bishops' paper by saying that "they effectively directed Spaniards to vote against the Government and in favour of the conservative Popular Party."

You could just as well say that by introducing such policies, the Government has indicated that it does not wish to have the support of Catholics. By drawing the attention of their flock to the implications of these policies, the Bishops are doing their duty before God. They appear quite prepared to accept the consequences.

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