"... by force if necessary"

There is one snippet from Jane's notes on the talk by Greg Gardner at the Birmingham Oratory on sex education that should be highlighted. Dr Gardner had a chilling quotation from Dr Brock Chisolm, the first director of the World Health Organisation. In 1946, he wrote in “Psychiatry of enduring Peace and Social Progress”:
“The concept of right and wrong is a barrier to developing a civilised way of life. This concept of right and wrong should be eradicated. Children have to be freed from … prejudices forced upon them by religious authorities … parents are dictators and suppressors of the child’s best nature. Sex education should be introduced … eliminating the ways of the elders, by force if necessary.”
Jackie Parkes also has "Jane's notes" on the recent talk by Frs Guy Nichols and Philip Cleevely (Sex education and moral development).

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