Thursday, 23 June 2011

"Why Catholics are Right" by Michael Coren

This is a good book to read on the tube if you want to get into discussions with people. You have to keep the dust jacket on and hold it up in front of your face so that people can see the title; especially if they are reading The God Delusion or something by Philip Pullman or Christopher Hitchens.

I have said before that in England, apologetics needs to be concerned much more with the objections of secularists than with proving the Catholic faith from the bible against protestants. The latter task is occasionally necessary when we meet evangelists on the street, but the far more important task is to have an answer at your fingertips on questions such as Galileo, the Inquisition, the Crusades, Pope Pius XII and the holocaust, the pro-life question, AIDS and condoms, and the clergy abuse scandal.

Michael Coren deals with all these subjects in a robust and engaging manner. On the child abuse question, he is properly respectful of those who have suffered while pointing out the imbalance in the media coverage of the Catholic Church compared to the coverage of other organisations where abuse has occurred and much less has been done to ensure that such crimes are prevented in the future.

The book is well written for ordinary people who may not have followed these topics on the blogs or in the Catholic press. Coren is a seasoned journalist and knows how to write: his presentation is comprehensive but easy to read. I recommend it both to Catholics and as a book for Catholics to give to their friends to help them understand that there is another side to the story apart from the one that they have been fed by the mainstream media.

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