IBP seminarians at Blackfen

It was a great pleasure to welcome to Blackfen six seminarians from the Institut du Bon Pasteur last Sunday. The students were all from Brazil - the French students at the seminary naturally go home to their families for the holidays but that is not really an option for the Brazilians, so they drove over for a few days in London and called in at Blackfen.

Some of the students joined the choir, adding a couple of beautiful polyphonic motets as well as supporting the chant. Others helped on the sanctuary so that we had a full complement of servers. Of course one of the advantages of the usus antiquior is that the ceremonies are the same everywhere, so everything went smoothly.

After lunch, the students drove off down the A2 to see Canterbury Cathedral, hoping also to stop off at Leeds Castle.

Please remember these fine young men in your prayers, that the Lord will bring to fulfilment the work that He has begun in them.

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