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An overdue health update

Easter Sunday will be almost exactly twelve weeks after my bypass operation and that is a significant milestone when various things are supposed to be healed up a bit more. My sternum knitted up on schedule after six weeks, but after twelve weeks, it is apparently ready to take the strain of lifting slightly heavier weights.

The cardiac nurse is supervising the titration of various medications with blood tests in between any dose changes. I'm not feeling any ill effects, so that all seems to be going OK, but it will be a while before all the chemicals are stable, I expect.

In my last post I joked about the old Mass being easier on the heart and that caused some amusement as well as some scandal for those with a suboptimal sense of humour. Of course I am now celebrating Mass in both forms in the parish. Generally I am building up to normal duties but receiving great support from my brother clergy, particularly the priest who is assisting me in the parish and my two excellent deacon…

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