Information on current persecution of Christians in the Middle East, from ACN and Ed West

Aid to the Church in Need continues in its sterling work not only in giving practical down-to-earth support to persecuted Christians but also by providing solid information on their appalling plight. Their latest freely downloadable report Persecuted and Forgotten? A Report on Christians oppressed for their Faith gives a comprehensive update on the worldwide persecution of millions of Christians at the present time. Here is their press information on the booklet:
In recent years, the Catholic Charity Aid to the Church in Need has received a growing response from government figures, politicians, the media, Church leaders and faithful to their seminal research project: Persecuted and Forgotten? A Report on Christians oppressed for their Faith.

Such has been the growth in recognition of ACN’s vital work, that their National Director, Neville Kyrke-Smith, and report editor John Pontifex, were recently invited to a Reception at Clarence House in which HRH The Prince of Wales called upon Christians, Muslims and Jews to unite in "outrage" over deliberate attacks on Christianity in the Middle East by fundamentalist Islamist militants.

In recognition of this growing response, ACN are pleased to announce that this month sees the publication of their new booklet, Persecuted but Never Forgotten. Intended as a readable and concise summary of the Persecuted and Forgotten? report, Persecuted but Never Forgotten is described as being ideal for personal use, prayer groups, parishes and secondary schools.

Along with direct testimony, Persecuted but Never Forgotten has been published to open our eyes to the daily reality for millions of Christians today – including those in Syria, Egypt and Nigeria – and underlines the need for prayerful solidarity this coming Lent and throughout the year.

ACN are inviting you to download the booklet for free from their website, and to share this link with family, friends and fellow Christians. ACN hope this will help to open even more eyes to the daily reality for millions of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
The persecution of Christians in the Middle East by Islamic militants has not received the attention in the Western media that it merits. Ed West, Deputy Editor of the Catholic Herald, has made an important contribution to fill the gap with his "Kindle single" ebook The Silence of Our Friends which describes and gives facts and figures on the major examples. I do recommend it to you - at 99p you won't break the bank buying it and at approx 15,000 it is a fairly quick but highly useful read.

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