Being edified by hospital, gulping pills, and disconnecting from the drone


A mild December morning here in hospital land and all is well. It is the first time I have been an inpatient in a hospital and the experience is helping me to understand a bit more of how a hospital ward works. The crossover and co-operation between all levels of staff is impressive.

Normally as a visitor you only get to see passing snapshots of the care that is given. Being in the same ward means that you hear the whole saga when "Bert" or "Lily" needs some particular personal attention. It is moving to see the patient, respectful preservation of a person's dignity in such circumstances.

So far today, I've given an early-morning blood sample, cracked jokes with the trolley guy who bought round the breakfast, got to know the student nurse, managed to shave using a cardboard bowl of hot water, and bought a copy of The Daily Telegraph which nowadays I only buy in emergencies such as this when it might be a diversion later to do the crossword. The qualified nurse - who seems to be short on colleagues this morning - has just given me today's cup of sweeties, nature's own heart-attack medicine, aspirin, and a stomach injection which actually isn't as painful as it sounds (when the first one was announced yesterday, I thought it was going to be like that scene from Pulp Fiction.)

The doctor should be along soon. He will doubtless bring tidings of great joy. I hope to persuade him that I can safely walk the few feet to the bathroom.

UPDATE: Seen one Doc who was very helpful. Another one will come to see me later. But I have secured permission to disconnect from the beeping drone when needed.

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