Anti-traditionalist violence

Chiesa di San Michele a Ronta 1

Il Sito di Firenze has the story of Father Hernán García Pardo, ministering in Tuscany who was sent threatening letters for celebrating the usus antiquior and was recently beaten up and hospitalised. (H/T Fr Z and Rorate Caeli for the English translation of the story.)

Our first priority is to pray for Father Hernán García Pardo: such an attack must be traumatic and we ask the Lord to give him strength. We also pray for his attacker who is probably mentally ill, and possibly under the influence of the adversary (he signed himself "Satan".)

Secondly, I think it is important to highlight this story because the hysterical anti-clericalism in some parts of the world is sure to lead some unbalanced people to attack priests, pro-lifers, or anyone else doing good in the name of the Lord. Anti-Christian demagogues may need to be reminded of the possible consequences of their rhetoric.

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