Alliance of pro-life students

The Alliance of Pro-Life Students is to be launched on 16 January with an evening of drinks, canapes and speeches, including Lord Alton. It is to be held at the Thistle Hotel Marble Arch from 7.30-11pm. This is a fundraising event and tickets are £25 or £15 for students or for groups of 5 or more.

The idea of the APS is to revitalise pro-life work by:
Building pro-life societies by encouraging students of all religious backgrounds and none to start their own societies.

Supporting pro-life societies by: providing educational resource packs and databases of speakers and reliable sources; helping with event organisation and networking; standing up for the rights of pro-life students to peacefully speak out on life ethics.

Connecting pro-life students: with each other online through our website forum and face-to-face with specialist training days; with other pro-life organisations for internships and volunteering opportunities.
For more details of the fundraising event and of the APS, see the website.

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