Blogging cuts you off from real people, doesn't it?

I am just trying to catch up with the blogosphere having had a couple of more than usually busy weeks. As a parish priest, I do like to see what my parishioners are blogging about and hence Bara Brith was a port of call. This led me on an to a post by Clare, Director of the St Mary Magdalen Choir at Brighton about a music conference in the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton (clue: not much like the music that we have at Blackfen and Brighton.)

If you watched more than a few seconds of the truly gruesome video with which Clare illustrated her post, you might like to cleanse the palate with her three minute video of the Mass at Brighton for the Association of Latin Liturgy.

Watching it was an almost psychedelic experience: I just spent two days at the Confraternity Colloquium with most of the clergy in the film, including the parish priest, Fr Ray Blake; at one point Bones wafts across as thurifer, my parish’s Director of Music is there, together with some wonderful people one catches up with from time to time at blognics in London pubs, most of whom have been to Blackfen recently for one function or another: Mgr Andrew Burnham’s excellent address to the ALL is on my desk with notes and highlighting, Clare and Julia are planning a chant fest for All Souls here at Our Lady of the Rosary, and somewhere in the series of links I found an amusing picture from the LMS Aylesford Mass which I celebrated recently, of chaps who planned a protest against the invitation of John Cruddas MP to Blackfriars at Oxford where earlier this week I made a visit to the Blessed Sacrament after having coffee with one of the aforementioned protesters, and bumped into a hermit who has only been in touch previously by email, making off with him to the Eagle and Child for a gin and tonic. This is all true. And that sentence was 198 words - I'm doing my bit to make the new ICEL look moderate.

If only we could travel somehow via the internet to meet each other without having to spend any time at Paddington railway station, cruising the M25 or cramped into South Coast Trains. Now what was in those mushrooms I had earlier?

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