The latest sensation on the Catholic blogosphere is the rapidly expanding collection of trad Catholic protest songs by Laurence England (That the Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill.) At Blackfen we were delighted to welcome Laurence last Saturday for a gig (see his report) in between the Missa Cantata and solemn Vespers. After a late breakfast of sausages, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and fried bread, accompanied by a pint or twain of Late Red, the company were treated to various compositions, including a premiere of Pyjamahadeen, a derogatory term, recently applied to traddy Catholic bloggers, which Laurence had fun with.

Editing the video, I added effects to give a retro look with scratches. Lyrics for the song are supplied in the info box at the YouTube page for the video. Mulier Fortis has Ecclesia Dei and I referred before to Summorum Pontificum which was the finale song on Saturday.

Derogatory expressions can be fun if you take them in the right spirit. Huffpost recently referred to those who support the new corrected translation of the Mass as "lockstep sheep and papist throwbacks." Fr Z has now produced a mug with this slogan. Proudly accepting Fr Z's description of us as "mind-numbed robots, incapable of thinking for yourselves and merely longing for the past out of irrational nostalgia" I have bought one as a Christmas present.

(This being the internet, I must give an irony alert here: Fr Z didn't really mean it. He was joking. Please don't get angry and send in comments attacking him.)

This also reminds me that I must get into the business of producing coffee mugs. Is the CafePress UK site working properly yet? Is Zazzle better? Is there another site that would be better than those? And can you still get mug trees of the sort that were in fashion when I was a student many years ago?

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