Alison Davis RIP

Alison Davis was a great witness for the sanctity of human life and helped promote human life in response to calls for the legalisation of assisted suicide. Alison was born with spina bifida and suffered greatly during her life. Alison was at one time in favour of abortion and later wished to end her own life. She changed her mind on both these issues and became a great advocate of the right to life.

You can read further details at these links:

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SPUC: Tribute by Colin Harte
Sister of the Gospel of Life: Alison Davis 1955- 2013
Catholic Herald obituary by Francis Phillips

Alison's carer, Colin Harte wrote the seminal book "Changing Unjust Laws Justly; Pro-Life Solidarity with the Last and the Least" (2005) in which he, with the support of Alison, championed the right to life of the smallest and weakest in contrast to the conventional wisdom of lowering the abortion time limit which would allow abortion for only such young lives.

Please remember Alison in your prayers. May she receive the reward of her labours.

Please see the Alison Davis blog for details of her funeral this Friday 13 December in Dorchester.

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