A lego Church that is better than quite a lot of real ones


On Saturday I was delighted to see this amazing lego Church put together by some children (OK, I think Dad helped a bit.) They are joined by children from another family who, I think, might pick up on the idea. It struck me that families like this should be employed in preference to the experts who have designed some of the more egregious "worship spaces" the People of God have had to endure over the past few decades.

Here is a view from the nave:


A close-up of the High Altar. Obviously there is a mixture of elements here, but the collection shows that there is scope for composing models of any of the services described in Fortescue.


In one of the side chapels, there is exposition. This is "proof of concept" rather than a suggestion that you would have exposition at a side chapel while there was a function going on at the High Altar.


The Baptistry:


A confessional which would meet the sensible legislation of St Charles Borromeo, complete with confessor and penitent:


My friends, when there are children like this, we have hope for the future.

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