Marriage DVD sent to all priests

St Anthony Communications has produced a DVD on Marriage. The British Province of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy has raised funds to send a copy of the DVD to every priest in Britain. The sleeve has a summary of the film:
From the dawn of human history, mankind has understood the value of a lifelong, faithful, procreative union of one man and one woman in marriage. This natural bond, which was raised to a Sacrament by Our Lord Jesus Christ, has been the foundation of Christian civilisation for over two thousand years.

This powerful film presents the enduring Catholic vision and understanding of marriage and the natural law, the beauty and meaning of human sexuality, of family, of the gift of children, and addresses the challenges we face in our world today.

With presentations by Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Bishop Mark Davies, Fr Marcus Holden, Fr Andrew Pinsent, Louise Kirk, Fiona Mansford and Edmund Adamus, this documentary is an essential resource for every Catholic parish, school and home.
The DVD "Marriage. God's Design for Life and Love" is suitable for teaching in various contexts such as marriage preparation, convert instruction, and parish adult education. It is rationally structured in three parts with subsections. I have copied these from the scene selection page to give you an idea of the way the contents are ordered:
Part 1 – God’s Design for Marriage
  • Marriage in Nature
  • Unity, Indissolubility, Procreation
  • Sacrament of Marriage
Part 2 – Challenges to Marriage
  • Sexuality Misunderstood
  • Contraception and NFP
  • Cohabitation
  • Divorce and Remarriage
  • Same-Sex Attraction
Part 3 – The Family and the Future
  • Faith in the Family
  • Growing in Holiness
  • Hope for the Future
I warmly recommend this DVD. St Anthony Communications are to be congratulated on yet another first-rate resource, and the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy have made the best use of the work by sending a copy to all priests in the country.

If you want to buy your own copy (£9.95 + p&p), go to the DVD's information page.

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