Two forthcoming High Masses at Sacred Heart Bournemouth

Nave from loft
Sacred Heart Church, Bournemouth

Solemn High Nuptial Mass

This coming Saturday 22 June at 2.30pm Stephanie Hogan and Andrew McDowell celebrate their wedding with Nuptial Mass in the usus antiquior at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, the home of the Bournemouth Oratory in Formation.

As is always the case with a public Mass in a Catholic Church, everybody is welcome. Obviously the family cannot invite everyone to the wedding reception afterwards, but it is a great thing when Catholics come to a wedding and to Mass just because they want to take part with their prayers and assistance at the conferral of a sacrament and the offering of Mass, and pray for the newly-married couple. You don't need a specific invitation to do this.

You do in fact have a blogged invitation! Both for the Mass at Bournemouth and for a Missa Cantata in Durham two weeks later. See Andrew's post at Catholic Collar and TieFrom Andrew: News of an upcoming Wedding...mine!

First Mass on the feast of St Peter and St Paul

On Saturday 29 June, the feast of St Peter and St Paul, at 12noon, Fr Andrew Wagstaff of the Bournemouth Oratory in Formation will celebrate his first High Mass in the usus antiquior. As it is a "first Mass", he will have an assistant priest in cope (Fr Dominic Jacob) as well as the deacon (myself) and subdeacon (Bro Francisco Hintikka.)

Again everybody is welcome to come. Bournemouth Station is an hour and 50 minutes from Waterloo and the Church is a mile from the station. There is a taxi rank at the station (ask for the Sacred Heart Church in Richmond Hill.)

Oh - and there is a Blessed Sacrament Procession through the streets after the regular 10.30am (modern rite) Mass this Sunday. Bring rose petals!

Photo credit: FatherTF at Flickr

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