Boys and technology

With my new iPad and Kindle, and my soon-to-be-out-of-contract Android phone, I went last week to the John Fisher School to speak to the boys of the Faith group about the use of new technology in evangelisation. One of the main points that I made was that technology can be morally neutral in itself and can be used for great good and for great evil (though as a part of creation, with the input of human intelligence, it is fundamentally good.) Our duty is to make sure that we use it for the good - especially by proclaiming the truth of the teaching of the Catholic Church, and for assisting others to know and love Jesus Christ.

After the talk there were some good questions and the boys enjoyed playing with the iPad. They referred to the "washing machine" effect when you twist it and make the display go rapidly from portrait to landscape and back again.


In November I wrote about the blaze that had destroyed the house called Takapuna, formerly the home of several priests who taught at the school, and the place where the meetings of the Faith Movement were held from its foundation in 1972. We used to pack into Fr Roger Nesbitt's study for a talk on the faith and lively discussion, followed by tea and buttered toast (a tradition that is still preserved.) Above you can see a photo of the house. Here is what it looks like now:

Takapuna 003

As those who know Sir Dan of the blogosphere would expect, he has interpreted this as a symbol of the devastation in the Church. However we "Keep calm and carry on." There are still vocations from the John Fisher School and I pray that this tradition will also be preserved along with buttered toast.

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