Catholic question on Brain of Britain

Question on Brain of Britain on Monday afternoon (I was in the car):
Which Catholic martyr became both Bishop of Rochester and Chancellor of Cambridge University in 1504?
[pause.] Em. Thomassss  Thomas Cranmer
Another contestant gave the right answer and the presenter went on to say
Yes. Cardinal John Fisher who was beheaded on the order of King Henry VIII at Tower Hill in 1535 because he refused to accept Henry's marriage to Anne Boleyn or the suppression of English Catholicism.
which is not bad for the BBC.

I thought that the contestant might be going to say "Thomasssss  MORE" which would have been a less disastrous mistake. Of course we don't expect everyone to know all about our history and I don't want to attack the poor chap for not knowing everying, but Thomas Cranmer was perhaps about the worst answer he could have given.

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