SPUC Conference on Maternal Health

SPUC are holding a conference on abortion and maternal health. This is a question that is often used by the culture of death to promote abortion, so it is an important issue to address. You can find all the details at the SPUC website: Abortion or maternal health. there are materials linked there to help prepare for the conference, and you can book for it online.

The main speaker is Professor Robert Walley and he will be joined by legal expert Dr Roger Kiska of Alliance Defence Fund, consultant obstetrician gynaecologist Dr Obi Ideh from Nigeria, and maternal health campaigner Mrs Fiorella Nash.

Fiorella has also written an article for the SPUC blog: Pro-abortion ideology is costing lives of women in developing countries. If there are any complications, childbirth can be risky both for mothers and for their babies. It is right that we should do all that we can to help mothers in developing countries. The pro-abortion lobby has muscled in on this issue with their false assertion that legal abortion equals safe abortion, and their promotion of abortion as an answer to maternal mortality. It is good to see SPUC tackling this question.

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