Who is going to be "Parent 1"?

World Encounter of Families. Valencia 2006

In the latest piece of PC nonsense, the Home Office is to alter applications for British passports in accordance with their Diversity Strategy (and in response to lobbying by Stonewall) so that instead of naming Mother and Father, people will be able to name Parent 1 and Parent 2.

Norman Wells of the Family Education Trust has been quoted widely, saying among other things:
Like the Labour administration before it, the Coalition seems to be in Stonewall’s grip. It is high time ministers started to represent the interests of the country as a whole and not capitulate to every demand made by a vocal and unrepresentative minority.
It is good to see him representing the reaction of most ordinary people at this ridiculous proposal.

It also occurred to me that the new form could pose problems of its own. It could well be a source of throwing-things-around-the kitchen and not-speaking-to-each-other sessions if same-sex couples have to decide who is Parent 1 and who is Parent 2.

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