Condom floodgates open

Melinda Gates - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011Melinda Gates has decided to devote her life to propaganda for contraception. Described as a practising Catholic, she tells the Guardian that while there are amazing things about the Catholic religion, she wants to keep women alive and not let babies die. Contraception will apparently achieve those goals. She has wrestled with this and is now going to make $560 million available over the next eight years to promote artificial birth control.

The Grauniad article originally said that there were 200 billion women who wanted to have contraceptives but has now put that down to 200 million. (The combox has the usual slew of hate-filled anti-Catholic comment.)

Would that the Gates millions could be spent on genuine development projects rather than attempting to make women in developing countries victims of the anti-life philosophy that has been such a disastrous failure in the West.

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