Celebrate the good of marriage while we still can

The Coalition for Marriage have produced this short and simple video celebrating the good of marriage. It would be a good idea for Christians to produce more publicity of this sort while we still can.

It seems that even before any law is passed redefining marriage, people are being discriminated against for speaking in a way that recognises and upholds marriage as between a man and a woman.

For example, Adrian Smith commented on his Facebook page that permitting same-sex ‘marriages’ to take place in churches was “an equality too far”. The taxpayer-funded Trafford Housing Trust judged that he was guilty of gross misconduct and demoted from his managerial post with a consequent cut of 40% in his pay. The Christian Institute is supporting his legal fight against this action. (See the report from Christian Concern.)

And there was me thinking that our rule of democracy meant that people were able to debate the rights and wrongs of proposed new laws.

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