Pontifical High Tweet

I must confess to chuckling through this video of the Holy Father's first tweet. He has set an example of how to tweet in style.

Now I am thinking that I must set up in the Parish Hall a good antique table and throne, have an altar server solemnly bring in the iPad (perhaps accompanied by acolytes) and arrange for various people to be on hand to film and take photos (probably Mulier Fortis and one or two children.) I think that I could persuade the MC and a local politician to dress in white tie and be the gentiluomini, accompanied by some technical staff (Defende nos in proelio) to make sure that the tap was done correctly: that after all would be the essential matter of the quasi-sacramental ceremony. A crowd on hand to cheer and sing songs (led by Bara Brith) in celebration of the tweet seems to be the thing, so I'd probably need to get some champagne and cake. This would make me obnoxious to the charge of treating as well as tweeting but in all honesty I don't think I could attract a crowd spontaneously like the Holy Father. Perhaps we could arrange the Solemn High Tweet shortly before a Millwall game on the telly.

Seriously though, I am glad that the Holy Father is setting an example of using new media in the service of the Gospel. I expect that he probably also found the Pontifical Tweet session a little ridiculous, but he has already done the most re-tweeted tweet of all time (i.e. since Twittter started in 2006) and that's jolly good. It has even got me looking actively at Twitter for the first time in ages (meetings, Christmas preparation, talks, you know the excuses.)

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