A richly deserved honour

Aunty Joanna is now Dame Joanna Bogle DSG after being appointed as a Dame of St Gregory by Pope Benedict XVI in one of the last acts of his pontificate. The award is given for those who have proved their loyalty to the Holy See by means of their public deeds and are worthy of a public expression of esteem on the part of the Holy See.

Joanna is undoubtedly worthy of such recognition in view of her tireless work over decades in support of the Holy See, the promotion of the Catholic faith, raising public awareness of the Martyrs of our country, fighting fearlessly for the family, giving sterling support to good Catholic apostolates, and bravely defending the cause of Catholic womanhood in the face of sometimes bitter opposition. She has also given support to Catholic priests in many ways, not least in the kindly demonstrations of support at Chrism Masses in Westminster and Southwark over many years.

In both military and ecclesiatical circles, gongs are sometimes regarded with a degree of cynicism. It is a great delight to rejoice in an honour that is so obviously and richly deserved. Three cheers for Dame Joanna!

Hip hip. HOORAY!
Hip hip. HOORAY!
Hip hip. HOORAY!

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