Pro-Life twitterati force Gosnell case into public eye

The MSM were trying to ignore and black out news of the appalling case of multiple murder by Kermit Gosnell because it confronts us all with the horror of what the culture of abortion really amounts to. Gosnell was following a macabre logic - if you can murder babies in the womb or as they are just coming out of the womb, there is no essential moral difference if you then decide to decapitate babies who have just been born.

Thanks to about 23,000 tweets per hour yesterday, the truth is now being reported by some MSM outlets. Damian Thompson has ensured that it is not ignored on the Telegraph news feed, and various media are now playing catch-up.

Bloggers have also picked up on the story to ensure that the truth is known. From an increasing roll of honour, let me just list a few:

Fr Ed Tomlinson
Mulier Fortis
Contercultural Father
Mark Lambert

For a list of follow-up articles, see Big Pulpit.

Thanks be to God for all those who used the social media to make sure that this horrific example of the culture of death in action was not allowed to be buried under the carpet.

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