Alarm, scourging, anguish and rage - or not

You know how it is when the local paper reports on a priest who expresses polite and reasoned criticism of the proposed withdrawal of funds for a drop-in centre or something. He is always "furious" or "outraged". This week's Tablet article "The new culture war" is a bit like that with its subheading:
Parishes report a surge in Mass attendance, inspired by Pope Francis. Commentators, even in the avowedly secular Guardian newspaper, praise his openness and humanity. But a vocal conservative minority are enraged by the new Pontiff and all he stands for.
The article refers in particular to Fr Zuhlsdorf, Germain Grisez, Rorate Caeli, Sensible Bond, Hilary White, and myself. Here's my bit:
Fr Tim Finigan, a traditionalist priest in London, has expressed his alarm as "the bad news piles up". The priest is a scourge of "liberal commentators who rubbished the authentic Magisterium" of recent Popes. A recent entry in his Hermeneutic of Continuity blog shows anguish at the perception of disloyalty or lack of romanità ("We are neither ultramontanes nor Gallicans, but loyal Catholics ... who respectfully [take] issue with some of the statements or actions of the Vicar of Christ").
And here's the post that is quoted: Assent and papal magisterium. I'll leave it to you to decide whether you agree that it contains alarm, scourging and anguish, and whether it shows that I am enraged by the new Pontiff and all he stands for (and indeed whether the ellipsis and square brackets really give a true impression.)

I declined an invitation to be interviewed (that didn't work too well last time) and was in two minds whether to bother writing anything about this, but I suppose my reputation could be harmed if bishops or others thought I was enraged by everything Pope Francis stands for. (I'm not.)

That's all, really. Let me be clear that I don't hold any ill feelings towards the author of the article but just want to make available what I did in fact write so that people can draw their own conclusions. On a more general note, though:

Ceterum autem censeo Tabulam esse delendam.

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