CMA Conference: "Conscience and the NHS"

The Catholic Medical Association will hold its Annual Conference on the them "Conscience and the NHS" on Saturday 17 May 2014 at Ealing Abbey, Ealing Abbey , Charlbury Grove, London W5 2DY, followed by the AGM of the Catholic Medical Association on Sunday 18 May. Here is some information from the website:
Conscience and the NHS
Rights, duties and opportunities for NHS staff

What is conscience? What does the Church say? What does the law state? How can we work in workplaces which are hostile to individuals’ consciences? What can a Catholic conscience bring to the places and services in which we work? Learn more about the Glasgow midwives who refused to engage with abortions in their unit.

Key speakers include:
Dr Robert Hardie, President of the CMA
Fr Dominic Allain, Chaplain of the Southwark Branch of the CMA
Neil Addison, St Thomas More Legal Centre
Paul Tully General Secretary of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
Charlie O’Donnell, A&E Consultant Whipps Cross Hospital, London
Charlie Conner. Rachel’s vineyard
Doctors, nurses, hospital chaplains and all other health care workers are welcome. For further details see the website of the Catholic Medical Association. To book, email

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