Fidelity, Formation and Fraternity at St Edmund's, Ware


We have just concluded the annual colloquium of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, the British Province of Pope St Gregory the Great and a jolly good event it was too. This year, we were at St Edmund's, Ware, for the first time. The place breathes English Catholic history, and the Headteacher gave us a fascinating introductory tour.

We had papers from Fr Hunwicke on "Church or Churches? Who owns the Magisterium?", Fr David Marsden on "The Formation of the Mind of the Priest" and Fr Nicholas Schofield on "St Edmund's College - the Douai of the South". The variety of topics worked well in giving us plenty of material for reflection.

Bishop Robert Byrne came to celebrate Mass for us yesterday. Several of us celebrated private Masses first thing and were able to assist in choir or, in my case, to be free to take photographs discreetly. I have quite a few and will upload the best ones to Flickr tomorrow and post a selection here.

We were well looked after by the staff and the dinner proved to be a most enjoyable convivial gathering as ever.


In advance of other photos, here is just one from benediction on Tuesday evening, with Fr Simon Henry of the Offerimus tibi Domine blog as celebrant.


The chapel, by AWN Pugin, is stunning, and there are gems all around of great interest. For my Mass yesterday morning, the vestments I was given to wear just happened to be from the Fortescue collection.

At the AGM, a couple of priests were concerned that some of their friends were unsure about how to join the Confraternity. It is very easy: here is a link to the information about membership. Those who want to join are asked to affirm that they support the objects of the Confraternity.

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