Family Day at Blackfen, Saturday

On Saturday 3 October there will be a Family Day at Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen. This is a day for all the family to pray together with other families, to support one another in the faith, to deepen our love for Christ and our understanding of the teaching of the Church.

There is a parish Mass (Latin, older form, Missa Cantata) at 10.30am and confessions available during Mass; Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament is at 11.30am, followed by the Marian Anthem.

The Family Day proper begins with the blessing of roses for the feast of St Thérèse (bring as many roses as you like!) and a talk at 12noon for all in the Church followed by lunch in the Hall. After lunch there will be workshops for parents, grandparents, teenagers and children.

3.45pm Finish with tea, juice and biscuits. There are confessions from 5-5.30pm) and the parish Mass (English) is at 6pm

Do come along for this enjoyable and uplifting day. Here are instructions for Getting to Blackfen.

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