SSCS Study Day for priests

The Society of St Catherine of Siena is holding a study day for priests on Tuesday 6 October at Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen.

The 1911-1913 Liturgical Reform
By Paul Cavendish
The lecture will consider the pre-1911 breviary and various questions relating to the arrangement of the psalms, the Dominical, festal and ferial offices and the offices of Lent and Advent. The problem of the calendar will be considered, particularly the ferial and Dominical cycles being swamped by the disproportionate number of doubles and the prominence given to Sundays in the 1911-1913 reform as well as the change to the cursus of the psalter and the implications for choral celebration.

The day is open to all clergy. Seminarians who are free to come are also welcome. There is no charge for the day but if clergy are able to make a contribution from an allowance for “Ministry to Priests” or similar, that would be appreciated.

11.00am Arrival (tea and coffee available)
11.30am Lecture “The 1911-1913 Liturgical Reforms” by Paul Cavendish
12.45pm Benediction
1.15pm Lunch
3.00pm Sung Vespers

The Society of St Catherine of Siena
The Society of St Catherine of Siena seeks to nurture the intimate connection between the worship of the Church and her teaching of Sacred Doctrine. We are committed to the development of the Church’s theological voice in the midst of a postmodern culture, working, through its activities, to support those addressing and understanding the various issues that Catholics currently face, especially in institutions of higher education. The Society emphasises the Church's sacred traditions, helping to ensure that future generations of Catholics understand and experience those traditions that are at the foundation of the Catholic Church. As part of its work, the Society seeks to support clergy in understanding the liturgy in its traditional forms.

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen
The Study Day is hosted by the parish of Blackfen.
The address is:
330a Burnt Oak Lane, Blackfen SIDCUP Kent DA15 8LW

Here are details for getting to Blackfen

Please let me (Fr Tim Finigan) know if you are coming to the Study Day.

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