New term starts at Wonersh

A priest friend of mine kindly sent me a set of CDs of the bible as a gift on the occasion of my silver jubilee. It is the King James Bible and we know that is not ideal but we are waiting for someone to record the Vulgate...

I have started listening to the Bible during my frequent moderately lengthy car journeys. Well - an hour or so is moderately lengthy by UK standards; by US standards, I suppose that would just be just like popping out to the shops. At any rate, I am now half way through the book of Leviticus.

This morning I met my new Sacramental Theology class at Wonersh. The majority are in the fourth year of seminary training and in the final year of the theology degree. I also have two former Anglican students for occasional tutorials. I enjoyed getting back into the swing of talking about the theology of the sacraments and I think that my experience of teaching other courses at Parkminster helps to round things out a bit, especially with regard to Christology and the Theology of the Trinity which we have been going through there.

Wonersh is doing very well for students and Southwark can be proud of having four new students in the first year. The Southwark staff and students met for midday prayer before lunch and afterwards we were shown the new rugby shirts which Fr Stephen Langridge, our Vocations Director (see: Southwark Vocations) has introduced as a kind of "corporate logo" to raise awareness of vocations promotion in the Archdiocese.

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