One good turn deserves another

@workhubs "The ultimate in flexible workspace" came to my rescue on Friday. I got to Euston Station having forgotten to bring the printouts of my tickets for Virgin Trains to Birmingham. On the way up to London, I looked up various internet cafés on the internet but found on arrival that the nearest one was now a clothes shop or something. Resigned to spending loads of dosh on buying a new ticket, I found @workhubs and called in asking to use a computer to print out my ticket.

The guys there were most helpful, allowing me to use a terminal and print out the tickets. They did not charge me anything so I promised to give them a heads-up on my blog. Michael O'Leary would say I was stupid; I agree it was a stupid thing to forget the printouts: but @workhubs helped me out. I'd use @workhubs but would not be particularly enthusiastic to use Ryanair. Virtue is good for business.

I am not encouraging anyone to trespass on their generosity but if you need an office by the hour or the day, @workhubs is a very good idea and my experience tells me that the chaps there will be very helpful and considerate. Do look them up if you are in need of a flexible workspace.

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