Cardinal Piacenza spells out three points for authentic mission

This video shows Archbishop Mauro Piacenza in Brazil in 2008. The interview is in Italian - those studying in Rome, who are used to hearing the language mangled by non-native speakers, will enjoy his elegant use of his mother-tongue. At the time, he was Secretary of the Congregation for the Clergy. In 2010 he became its prefect and was shortly afterwards created Cardinal.

He gave a short, off-the-cuff interview, first of all praising the Brazilian Cardinal Hummes who had recently been appointed Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy. Asked about the Holy Father's affirmation that there is great hope in Latin America, he said that Brazil is one of the most representative countries in this regard, both because of its clear Catholic foundation and because of the good activity and energy, which, he says,
"... can flower at the level of mission and the new evangelisation; with this great impetus, under the movement of the Spirit and at the same time profoundly rooted in three essential points - which always guarantee that mission should be mission and not an adventure in a human sense - namely: the Eucharist, Our Lady, and the Pope."

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