Undignified post from "Dignity in Dying"

The euphemistically named "Dignity in Dying" (formerly the Voluntary Euthanasia Society) has responded to John Smeaton's post on the recent UCL debate on assisted suicide.

Here's the core of Dignity in Dying's case for the prosecution:
SPUC are a pro-life organisation who have a lot to say about assisted dying, abortion and sex education (they are in need of a name change, perhaps the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, Hormonal Teenagers, and Terminally Ill People who are Unaware that Suffering brings you closer to your Maker: SPUCHTTIPUS.
Summary: "A bizarre attack" (That's SPUC, apparently)

They also accuse SPUC of selective quotation, misprepresentation, seeing shadows and conspiracy theory. They follow this up by examples of the fuller context of the quotations, the true representation of their position, the reality that belies the shadows, and the wacky statements that constitute "conspiracy theory."

Actually, no they don't.

DID point out that the pro-life side was outvoted in the debate at UCL. Compare the two posts to see who actually wins in terms of rational argument.

John Smeaton - Dignity in Dying

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