Bleg - Christmas preface in tono solemniori

My MC has pinned me down and got me to agree to singing the preface at Christmas Midnight Mass in the more solemn tone. Actually it didn't take much persuading really; it does seem the right thing to do. The problem is that I have never sung the more solemn tone and need to learn it properly. I have the score and I will be having a run-through with a good singer tomorrow. It would be useful to have a video or an mp3 file to practise with but I couldn't find one just now.

If you know of somewhere on the internet where there is such a video or sound file, please drop the link into the combox or send me an email ( If you send me a file by email, please let me know whether it can be reposted here for public use.

If you are looking for the same thing yourself, I will update this post as and when something turns up.

UPDATE: Fr Z has now posted the needed mp3 file. Many thanks indeed Father.

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