Sex-ed: getting the information out there

In the Daily Mail, Paul Bracchi has a sensible and informative piece about the Channel 4 programme "Living and Growing." See: Casual sex and 'bad touching': Guess what your eight-year-old is learning at school these days.

One detail that Paul Bracchi picks up is from the introduction to another similarly bad programme:
The introduction states: ‘In the past some people have set aims in SRE such as “promoting marriage”, “dissuading children from having sex before marriage”, “stopping young people from having sex”, “telling children what is right or wrong” etc.

‘Such aims are not achievable, inappropriate for schools and are often more to do with propaganda than education.’
How extraordinary! Showing junior school children graphic animations of sexual intercourse, and teaching them how to masturbate, is appropriate, while telling them what is right or wrong is inappropriate. These people live in a very disturbed inner world.

I hope that with publicity such as this, more adults will actually look at parts of "Living and Growing." These programmes get under the radar because everyone assumes that they are "educational" and must be OK. Once they see what is being shown to little children, most decent adults will be appalled, and quite a few parents will be absolutely livid. We need to get the information out to people and I am grateful to the Daily Mail for helping with this.

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