Mother Riccarda

Mother Riccarda, long time head of the Bridgettines, was known as a gentle superior, saved Jews from the German concentration camps during the war, died in 1966, and her cause is gaining popularity. Fr Ray Blake down in Brighton, recently blessed a bus that has been named after her.

A google search for Mother Riccarda on Fr Ray Blake's blog will point you to more information about her. Here is the prayer for her beatification:
Prayer for the Beatification of the Servant of God Mother M. Richard Beauchamp Hambrough, O.SS.S. (1887 – 1966)

We thank you, Lord, because You have moulded a simple and generous heart in Your servant Richard, capable of total confidence and heroic adhesion to Your project of life. Grant to us,
who venerate her memory, that we may follow in her steps, and have her as a sister and as an advocate before Your throne of mercy.
Glory be … 3 times

In the event of graces granted through the intercession of the Servant of God you are kindly asked to inform:
Motherhouse, Farnese, 96 - Rome - 00186 - Italy
Tel. +39 06-68892596.

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