Catholics at UCL in pro-life victory for freedom of speech

UCL Portico Building

There is good news on the pro-life front, from University College, London. After the UCL Catholic Society invited Lord Alton to speak about the right to life, the local branch of the National Union of Students tried to impose the rule that any open events focussing on the "issue of termination" must also invite a "pro-choice" speaker. In other words, a student society organising a speaker opposed to the killing of innocent unborn children must invite someone who thinks that it is all right.

The NUS branch has now accepted that their attempt to curtail freedom of speech is in breach of section 43 of the 1986 Education Act and have climbed down. The Catholic Society were supported by Jews and Sikhs as well as some pro-choice students who saw the NUS branch resolution as a blatant attempt at restricting legitimate freedom of speech.

Credit should also go to Neil Addison, director of the Thomas More Legal Centre who advised the Catholic Society.

H/T Simon Caldwell at the Catholic Herald: Students block union’s attempt to stifle free speech on abortion

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