Witness for Life at Bedford Square


One of the frustrations of running a one-man parish is that you cannot get to all the apostolic events that good lay people organise. It was particularly disappointing for me that I could not join the worthy band at Bedford Square last night. Looking at various photos, I recognised at least half a dozen parishioners and many friends who come by this way from time to time. It occurred to me that if every parish in Westminster, Southwark and Brentwood were to follow the lead of the Bishops who have supported these vigils, by sending five people per parish, there would have been thousands of pro-lifers there.

Like John Smeaton, I am glad to give praise to Bishop Alan Hopes who led the prayer vigil last night. He must have been nervous given that his presence was the occasion for various pro-abortion groups to get together in a noisy protest against the peaceful vigil held by 40 Days for Life. His courage and leadership are of great encouragement to pro-lifers. Catholics really do need to follow the example that he and other Bishops have given by supporting these vigils.

Joe Shaw, LMS Chairman, has refuted (with photos) the instantly propagated claim that the pro-life vigil was outnumbered by the pro-aborts. Maria Stops Abortion has a piece on Christians v Barbarians; the Reluctant Sinner was there and has a considered personal report; Bones has several articles; Auntie Joanna writes in understandable sadness of the event.

Reduced to following Twitter after it had all finished, I was intrigued by references (from pro-aborts) to support from Critical Mass. This is a more or less anarchic protest movement without formal structure that encourages cyclists to have mass cycling events to block the roads and thereby protest about motorists or something. They all seem to be pro-abortion enough to turn up at Bedford Square and support the anti-baby mob. Odd that. (By the way, Critical Mass is an "American style" protest.)

I'll be joining the Maidstone vigil on Friday 27 April. Bishop John Hine is celebrating Mass at 12.30 at St Francis, Week Street before the vigil. If you are inclined to come, the Church is just round the corner from Maidstone East Station.

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