Pope Francis uses the expression "old rite"

In the decree issued concerning the Franciscans of the Immaculate, there is a reference to "l'uso della forma staordinaria (Vetus Ordo)" which I found a pleasant surprise. Vetus Ordo is not an expression that has been used before in the ordinary papal magisterium (this document is issued in forma specifica and is therefore considered an act of the Pope himself.) "Ordo is routinely rendered in English as "rite" - for example Novus Ordo - New Rite. I wrote before on the question of whether we have to say "extraordinary form". Now it's official - we can simply call it the old rite if we want. I think we can also refer perfectly properly to the Traditional Latin Mass - maybe we will have a papal document soon that uses that expression. And of course we must keep the expression used by Michael Davies "The Mass that will never die."

The Franciscans of the Immaculate are dear friends of mine. I have spoken at their conferences, I love their faithfulness to St Francis and to the tradition of Franciscan theology, I love the witness that the sisters give. I do not wish to comment on the internal division which has led to the recently issued Decree. (You can see the text at Rorate Caeli.) I am praying for the Friars, the dear Sisters, some of whom come to Mass at my parish, and for the Apostolic Commissioner, Fr Volpi that he will have the assistance of the Holy Spirit to act with prudence in the role he has been given.

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