Excellent coverage of the "Dome of Home"

The Church of Saints Peter, Paul and Philomena was given into the care of the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest, by Bishop Davies in a far-sighted decision which has restored the much-loved Church into use for sacred worship. The Church has been given a grant of £35,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund. For a good and positive article on this at the BBC website, see: New lease of life for 'Dome of Home' in New Brighton.

The other day, I made flippant comments on Twitter and Facebook about a previous article that said that the Dome of Home was the only Catholic Church in England that regularly celebrated the traditional Latin Mass. In fact, the article was very positive, and I was only joking about a blooper at the end that was swiftly corrected, so thanks to Paul Burnell for his coverage both then and in the article above.

Although I am fanatically anti-BBC, I do benefit from being reminded from time to time that there are some fine people working away there and doing good things.

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