Faith Summer Session 2013

Yesterday John Deighan, the Parliamentary Officer for the Scottish Bishops' Conference, spoke at the annual Summer Session of the Faith Movement. The website of the Catholic Parliamentary Office has a regular newsletter and information about Catholic Social Teaching. John's talk was a hard-hitting examination of the state of society today and the need for the Church to be present in the public square against the attack on humanity.

The theme of the Summer Session is "Friendship with God - the Meaning of Following Christ" and features talks by priests and lay people of the Faith Movement on the person of Christ, the sacraments, prayer, the apostolate and Our Lady. In addition to Mass and parts of the Office, there is adoration each afternoon and plenty of social activities. The conference provides a great opportunity for priests to meet up, as well as seminarians. It was good yesterday to catch up also with families and friends who came for the day.

Above is the group from the Blackfen Faith Forum who are enjoying themselves immensely. Most of them are in fact all taller than me - I am standing on a small wall :-)

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