Family Education Trust Autumn Bulletin

As ever, I recommend Family and Youth Concern which campaigns on many issues that are addressed on this blog. The latest Bulletin for Autumn 2013is now available at the website: Bulletin No. 152. Here is a list of the articles:
  • ‘Legislation built on pretence’
  • Coming soon! A new booklet from Family Education Trust
  • Government to ask gays, ‘What can we do for you next?’
  • Fractured Families: Why stability matters
  • Marriage DVD
  • Context matters in the discipline of children
  • Sweden : criminal assaults on children rise following ban on smacking
  • The pitfalls of ‘positive parenting’
  • Parliamentary inquiry demands review of abortion law
  • More contraception = more repeat abortions
  • New volumes in the Core Knowledge curriculum series
  • Sexuality Explained - a guide for parents and children
  • Risky business: the association between casual sex and emotional problems
  • Prime Minister calls for action to protect children from internet pornography
  • ‘Named person’ for every child: ‘disproportionate state interference’, says Scottish Law Society
  • New introductory leaflet

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