Well yes, let's fast and pray for Syria

Last Sunday, the Holy Father appealed for peace in Syria and announced a day of prayer and fasting this coming Saturday 7 September, for this intention. News.va has the full text. There will be a vigil in Rome from 7pm. The Holy Father has renewed this appeal today.

Unfortunately, most parishes will only be able to respond in a limited way, since we usually put out newsletters and give notices on a Sunday - prepared at least a day or two beforehand. It is a pity that some sort of notice was not given out by the Sala Stampa, even if it just announced that the Holy Father was going to make an announcement. The UK Parliament had already met on Thursday and the matter was well in the news by then.

My own Archdiocese of Southwark responded quite quickly to the Holy Father's call, with an email from the Archbishop being sent round with permission to celebrate the Mass "For the Preservation of Peace and Justice" to replace the Sunday texts on Saturday evening and/or at one Mass on Sunday. He also sent a text for a special Bidding Prayer.

At Blackfen, we will have the special Mass on Saturday evening (with the special Bidding Prayer) and I know that parishioners who are tuned in to Catholic news on the internet will be praying and fasting.

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