At lunch today

A most enjoyable lunch today in the company of Fr Charles Briggs and Fr John Boyle from Southwark diocese, Fr Michael Lang and Fr Nicola Bux. Fr Bux is a consultor at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and a long-time friend of the Pope since before he became a Bishop. Fr Bux's area of expertise is Eastern theology and Liturgy. It was he who first noticed Fr Lang's book in Italy and got things going for the Italian translation.

Also in the house at the moment is the Bishops' conference of Ghana who are in Rome for their ad limina visit. We have also been able to catch up with Fr Bernie O'Connor who works at the Pontifical Council for Oriental Churches. Fr Bernie was a good friend many years ago and gave spiritual direction for a number of students at the English College back in the 80s.

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