Turning Towards the Lord Italian launch

I did not expect to meet Fr Lang here in Rome but that is one of the good things about the Eternal City - there are always pleasant surprises.

He is here for the launch of the Italian translation of his book "Turning Towards the Lord." It will take place tomorrow morning at 11.30am at the Augustinianum. The main presentation is to be given by Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith whom I have just seen at lunch at the Domus Romana Sacerdotalis. Archbishop Ranjith is the recently-appointed Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

So I don't think I need to spell it out. The Secretary of the Vatican's congregation in charge of the Liturgy is promoting a book that argues for Eastward-facing celebration of Mass.

In Italy, they understand these things and their importance. Hence, the book launch has received major coverage in Il Giorno and La Repubblica. After finishing today's posts, I intend to go and get a copy of today's Avvenire which apparently has a whole page article on it. I wonder if any English newspapers will notice?

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