General Audience today

Yesterday was Liberation Day or something and so it was not possible to get into an internet cafe and post. This morning, Fr Briggs and I managed to get to the Audience. Sadly, we could not get reparto speciale tickets so no chance of getting anwhere near our beloved Holy Father. Nevertheless, it was a great experience. It is difficult to convey just how overwhelming this experience was. The square was full. Remember this is not some special feast day or major occasion, just an ordinary Wednesday. My ticket is number 43417. There must have been over 50000 tickets issued and then another few thousand people just coming along to be there.

Pope Benedict spoke about how Tradition in the Church is not simply about conserving things but is a living river from apostolic times in which Christ remains present in his Church. He is very much the Papa Professore, giving a good and easily understood lecture to his "students" in the square from all over the world.

Back at lunch, I looked at Fr Michael Lang to see whether he was happy or sad. He was happy. Having obtained a prima fila (front row) ticket, he had got to meet the Pope and will be getting his photo later from l'Osservatore. Not only that, but the Holy Father recognised him, saying "Oh, you are here!" So I had better tell you why...

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