To do list for Rome

(Not necessarily exhaustive or in order of importance)

  1. Say Mass in St Peter's (preferably at St Gregory or St Pius X - depends how helpful the chierichetto is)

  2. Eat some penne al ragu' (not difficult)

  3. Drink at least one glass of Amaro Averna (this is an acquired taste - I acquired it as a student)

  4. Buy some buckled clerical shoes at Gammarelli's (So?)

  5. Visit Bernini's elephant and read the inscription (I always do this even though I know it by heart)

  6. Get some more good photos of Roman scenes (forecast is sunny for the first part of the week)

  7. Go to the General Audience and try to get near enough to our beloved Pope Benedict to get in an Osservatore photo (absolutely no guarantee of that but you can bet it will be posted here if I succeed!)

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