Lenten Reading Plans

Many thanks to Fr Jerabek of Huntsville, Alabama for collecting together various resources for Lenten meditation. Lenten Reading Plans has four collections of readings for every day in Lent.

The Church Fathers plan has substantial readings taken from the Fathers. For this, you would need to set aside a significant (though not unreasonable) amount of time. There is also a "Lite" version with shorter readings.

The readings in the Lives of the Saints plan are taken from the Wednesday General Audience addresses of Pope Benedict. There is a plan for the Year of the Priest with readings from St John Vianney, and a plan with readings from Father Faber and Cardinal Newman. The collections are made available in pdf files, except the Saints plan which links to the texts on the Vatican website.

What I particularly like about the whole project is that it is a very simple use of the internet for an apostolic purpose that could have a significant effect on the life of any ordinary member of the faithful who conscientiously takes advantage of it. Simple as it is in conception, a considerable amount of work has been undertaken to gather the texts together in a convenient form for others. Fr Jerabek has certainly given a good example of following the Holy Father's encouragement to use the new media in the service of the Gospel.

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