Alcuin Reid on radio 4

I listened to the radio this morning. Yes, I know, not something really earth-shattering to put on a blog but for me it is unusual. I had heard that Radio 4 were going to do a piece on the lifting of the SSPX excommunications and I wondered who was going to be in the firing line.

Fortunately, they had got Alcuin Reid. He was put against Elena Curti of the Tablet but also had the familiar BBC set-up where his second opponent was the presenter. He had hostile questions throughout the item - I'll listen to it again but I don't recall any hostile questions to Elena Curti. In these circumstances, Alcuin did very well to make some good points about the interpretation of Vatican II and to defend the lifting of the excommunications as an act of charity bringing about a new relationship with the SSPX.

You can listen to the piece on the BBC iPlayer page for today - about 36 minutes in.

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